Connecting Mead to AWS

If you haven't done so already, create an account with Amazon Web Services

Give Mead Access to AWS

Mead hosts blogs using S3. In order for Mead to manage your blog, it will need access to the S3 portion of your AWS account. You can give Mead access to S3 by creating an Access Key ID and Secret Access Key with permissions to S3.

To create an Access Key ID and Secret Access Key:

1. Create a new AWS user ($new?step=details) and give it programatic access. The user's name can be anything, but give it a name that reminds you of what it's for.

Click: Next: Permissions

2. Select Attach existing policies directly. Here you will give the user access to S3. To attach the policy for S3, search for S3 and check AmazonS3FullAccess.

Click Next: Tags

Click Next: Review

3. At the review stage, check that your new user matches the settings in the following screenshot.

Click Create User

Congratulations! You've created a user to give Mead access to your AWS account. Copy the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key into Mead to continue publishing your blog.

NOTE: The Secret Access Key is only shown once. You should download the credentials.csv file and keep it safe. If you do happen to lose it, it's not a big deal. You can create a new set of credentials for the same user. To create a new Access Key ID and Secret Access Key, go to your IAM Management Console (, select the Mead user you created earlier, select the Security credentials tab, and click Create access key