Delightfully simple publishing

It's dead simple to create a blog or publish articles with Mead. Connect your Amazon Web Services account and begin publishing with one click.

Own your content

Don't let someone else decide on what terms your thoughts can be shared. Mead automates website creation using your Amazon S3 account, so your data is never sent to a third party.

Delightfully simple editing

Painless editing

Clearly insert text, images, videos, and more. It's easy to style images and videos, format text, or create titles and subtitles.

Publish with one click

Publish & share

Give Mead the URL of your post and publish with one click! Mead creates the post and automatically uploads it to S3. Afterward, you'll be given the link to the post to share.

Concerned about hosting costs? Don't be!


Top features
  • Custom domain
  • Branded footer
$4929 /yr
Top features
  • Custom domain
  • Priority email support
  • Access to themes
  • Customize with CSS/JS
  • No Branding

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